Chocolate Mint Protein Bars

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These are great for a holiday treat!  They have a wonderful chocolate taste with a hint of mint!  So delicious!

1 C.   Whole Dates (chop in food processor)

1/4 C.  chai Seeds

1/4 C.    Whole Flaxseed

1/2 C.    Unsweetened Coconut Flakes

1/4 C.   Gluten Free Organic Whole Oats

1/4 C.   Gluten Free Organic Oat Flour

1 C.      Vanilla Protein Powder (I use Isagenix Brand)

1/8 C.   Coconut Oil

1/4 C.   Raw Honey

1/4 C.   Dark Cocoa Powder

3 Tblsp.  Water

3 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil (I only recommend Young Living Brand.  Others may not be safe to consume internally)

1/4 – 1/2 C.  Chocolate Chips  (optional to sprinkle on top or melt and drizzle on top)

Directions:    Put dates in the food processor and pulse until it’s in small pieces.  Put chopped up dates in a bowl.  All the rest of the ingredients and mix well with a spoon. If it seems dry, add a Tblsp of water at a time until it sticks together where you can make a ball.  Put parchment paper in an 8×8 pan.  Pour mixture into the pan.  Spread evenly. If you are using mini chocolate chips, sprinkle on top.  Take another piece of parchment paper and press down hard to pack it.  Put in the refrigerator for about 2 hours to let get hard.  Cut into desired pieces.  If you are melting the chocolate chips, drizzle on top.  Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 4-5 days.