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DIY Christmas Ornaments!!

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Do you ever go shopping and see beautiful ornaments but the price is just not in your budget?  Sometimes you can find a great deal after the holidays but then they don’t always have the color you like.  This is why I love this project.  It is so fun!

If you know me by now, you will know that I love Acrylic paints!  Christmas is around the corner and my creative juices started flowing again.  LOL   I have these clear ornaments that I normally use for the tree but I was getting tired of the same color theme on the tree.  Over the last year I have become obsessed with the Turquoise  color.   I love this color paired with silver, gold, or white.  I think it’s absolutely beautiful.  This year that color will be the theme on our tree.

Here is what I did to spruce them up!

I used clear ornaments.
Carefully remove the top part of the ornaments.


Pour some paint in a cup and add a very small amount of water, around 1/2 tsp – 1 tsp. You don’t want it too thick or too thin. Too thick makes it hard to flow. Too thin makes the paint not stick. I actually had to do this part twice because I got the paint too thin the first round. Oopsy!


This is how it turns out if the paint is too thin. This is what you don’t want.
Once you get the paint to the right consistency, pour some in the clear ornament.


Next, you swirl the paint around to cover the whole inside.


Then, dump out the extra paint back into the cup.


I cut a small hole in the bottom of Styrofoam cups and put them upside down to let the rest of the paint drip out. This picture is from my second round. That is why there are painted snowflakes on these.


Once you allow the extra paint to drip out, you can decorate the outside of them how ever you want.  My daughter, who is 11 and is also very creative, painted the snowman and I painted the snowflakes.  I did not give it a finish spray yet to protect the outside paint.  I will do that later with an Acrylic clear spray.   I’m excited to use these on our tree.  We did 11 ornaments like this.   I think they look rather expensive like ones from the store.   What do you think?  Do you have Christmas decorations that you make?  I would love to hear from you and share what you do!