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How to Harvest Mint Tea

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Did you know that growing your own tea is so simple?  You do not need a green thumb to grow this Mint Tea!  I promise, it’s so easy.  You start by either getting some from a friend who has been growing it or you can purchase a small plant at the greenhouse.   It’s cheap to buy and you should not need to buy it ever again!  Yes, I said that right!  When you plant some, you need to let it grow that summer and do not cut any off.   It will go to seed and the next year in the spring, it should grow back plus more!  Mint Tea comes back every year.  It also comes in thicker than the year before.  If you aren’t careful, it can take over your garden.  I like to grown mine in a little flower bed up against the house.  I keep mine contained by pulling out extra that keeps spreading like crazy!   When I say crazy, I mean crazy!!  The roots seem to spread in the ground and go crazy!  Did I say crazy already?  The only maintenance is making sure it doesn’t take over.  That’s it!  See, I said it is easy!

I cut my tea all summer and it keeps growing the whole time.  I love to make a cold tea and keep it in the refrigerator because it’s so refreshing on a hot summer day.   Towards the end of summer, I start to save some of the leaves so I can enjoy a hot cup in the winter months.  Here is how I prepare my tea leaves for the winter.

  1.  I cut and wash the tea.
  2. I dab it with a paper towel to get most of it dry.  It is still a little wet but not dripping wet.
  3. I spread the tea on some paper towels across my kitchen counter in my basement.   You can do this on a table too.
  4. Once it’s completely dry (it can take up to a week) and feels brittle, I pull off all the leaves from the stems.
  5. I like to shred the leaves, so I put it in my food processor and pulse until it’s pretty fine.
  6. I put some into a cute little jar to set on my kitchen counter.  The rest can be stored in an air tight container and or in the freezer to help it stay fresh longer.

This is the cheapest tea ever and is so delicious!!



Fresh Mint Tea.
Completely dried tea.
The leaves after I took it off the stems.
Fully shredded really fine.
I put the tea in a cute little jar and made myself a cup. So good!

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