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DIY Side Table Transformation!!

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Have you ever had a piece of furniture sitting around and it looked pretty sad?  I had this piece and it just needed a new makeover.  I’ve been slowly trying to add fun colors to my home decor and this was the prefect opportunity for me to have fun with it!!  The best thing about paint is that if it doesn’t turn out like I envisioned it, I can always cover it up and try again.  The other thing about painting a piece of furniture is that I can always change it up instead of getting rid of it and purchasing something else.  I love DIY projects because it really can save us money!!  Who doesn’t love to save money!  Yes, please!

Here is the before picture.  I had painted this a plain cream color years ago.  Yes, this was when I wasn’t brave enough to give it a punch of color.

The first thing I did was sand it down.   I wanted to get any loose paint off.  The correct way to do it is get a paint remover and get all the paint off first but I’m not that picky.  I think it looks great painting over it.   I honestly can’t tell once it has been painted.

Next, I used a ruler and tried to mark where the 8 flower petals would be.  I then used a lid and marked the middle circle.


Once I had it all marked, I was able to start painting.  I used Acrylic Paints.  I prefer the “Matte” finish for this project.  I love to give the surface a texture if possible.  This helps to define the petals more.  I gave this first painting step about 3-4 layers.  The last layer is when I really added texture by adding extra paint on my brush and creating brush strokes that resemble a petal.  The extra paint at the edge of my brush leaves a thick line as I brush across the surface.   Once that was done and dry, I painted the center yellow by dabbing my brush so it looked kind of fuzzy just like the center of a flower.  I let the paint dry.


The next step for painting it was to bring out the lines which makes the texture.  I put a dark blue color paint on my flat brush and dabbed it on a paper towel to make sure there wasn’t too much paint on the brush.  I lightly brush across the lines to make it pop out!   Just like that, the peddles are defined!   I used a dark brown to bring out the fuzzy texture I made in the middle using that same technique.  It’s that simple!!   Here is the finished top!!


The bottom of the table I painted a light green.  I did not add texture to this.  I then used a darker green to roughen it up a bit.  I was trying to make it look like the stem of the flower.


I recommend using a Clear Acrylic Sealer to help protect the paint.


This is the finished look!!  I think it would be cute in a sun room!  It’s fun and very colorful!