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Where to Begin……..

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I have been on a 10-1/2 year weight loss journey.  I have experienced many ups and downs during these years.  I have learned a lot about myself and I hope that by me sharing my journey, I can help others who are struggling to be healthy.  I was raised with many sweets in the house.  I know I was addicted to sugar.  I was never told how much I was allowed to eat.  My parents let me eat how much I wanted.  I was raised in a Mennonite home which is common to have a lot of food prepared for all the meals.  I grew up eating way more than my body needed.  This resulted in me being overweight early in my childhood years. This is where my bad habits began.  I don’t blame my parents because they only did what they knew at the time.  They did not realize that eating this much sugar was not good. I have struggled my whole teenage years and adult years with this weight.  I use to blame them but I now realize that life is what it is and I can change it now as an adult.  As an adult I have the choice to to better my health or to just give up and say it’s too hard.  I have decided that I am worth the effort and so I persevere!  Through this blog I will share what I have learned to shed the weight and keep it off.  I will be sharing my thoughts and what I think might be helpful for anyone else who is struggling.  I am excited and I hope that I can learn from you too!