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Healthy Finger Jello Recipe

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Making finger jello from scratch is actually very easy.  I stopped buying the box jello mix because I wasn’t happy with all the food coloring and artificial flavors that the companies add.    Here is a very quick and easy recipe!  This is a big batch.  It is prefect for a 9 x 13 pan.  You can always split it in half if you prefer less.


Finger Jello

8 cups  All natural juice with no sugar added  (Beware when you look for juices.   Some companies add artificial colors!) 

3/4 cup  Maple Syrup (or more, depending on how sweet you want the jello)

7 Tblsp  Unflavored Gelatin  (I love “Great Lakes” brand.  I purchase from Amazon)


Directions:  Put 6 cups of juice in a pan.  Heat on medium high until juice is hot.   You do not need to bring to a boil.  Just heat until there is steam and some foam.

Add maple syrup and stir until dissolved.  Turn the heat to low.  Meanwhile, take 2 cups juice and add the gelatin.  Stir with a fork and let set for 1 minute.

Add the gelatin and juice mixture to the hot juice.  Stir until the gelatin is completely dissolved.  Pour into the pan.  Put in the refrigerator until it sets up.  Cut and enjoy!

3 simple ingredients!


Put 6 cups in the pan.


Heat until it is hot and has steam.  No need to boil.   Add maple syrup.


Put 2 cups juice in a bowl and add the gelatin.  Mix with a fork and let set for 1 minute.


It will look thick like this after 1 minute.


Add this mixture to the hot juice and stir until the gelatin is completely dissolved.  If you have any small clumps that refuse to dissolve, just remove it and it will be fine.


Pour into the pan.  I don’t like the foam so I scrape it off the top as much as possible.   That’s just me.  You don’t have to.   Put in the refrigerator.  It will be hot.


Once it is set up, cut and enjoy!