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Homemade Lotion

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Part of healthy living, in my opinion, is watching what we apply on our skin.  This is why I try to either purchase or make an all natural lotion.   My daughter has always had red and itchy hands during the winter months.  I have found that if she uses an all natural lotion every night before bed, it really helps her hands.  If the top of her hands are red and dry, she applies the lotion before bed and by the time she gets up in the morning, her skin is usually back to normal.  Sometimes it takes 2 to 3 days and then it’s clear again.  The length of time depends of the severity of it.

I have experimented different ways to make lotions and this is probably my favorite so far.   This recipe can seem greasy if you apply too much at one time.  This lotion lasts a while because it doesn’t take much to moisturize the skin.  Trust me, just use a little bit.  This is a wonderful night time lotion just before bed.


12 oz.       Organic Shea Butter

6              Soft Gel Vitamin E pills  (cut with scissors and squeeze gel out)

1-2 tsp    Pure Sunflower Oil

20           Drops Lavender Essential Oil (or more if you desire)

20           Drops Peppermint Essential Oil (or more if you desire)


These are the soft gel vitamin E pills I like to use.

Put Shea Butter, vitamin E, and Sunflower oil in a bowl and mix with a hand beater until Shea Butter is nice and fluffy.

Add the desired amount of essential oils and beat until it is mixed in well.

Store in a glass jar.  Shea Butter tends to be hard but this lotion will remain soft because of all the different oils we put in.