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DIY Thrift Store Find!!

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I’m always looking to find great deals at thrift stores.  I was at one of my favorite thrift stores and I came across this chair.  When I see a chair for a great price and I know I can recover it and make it look beautiful again, I want to start dancing right there in the store. (Sorry, I’m sure this was a run on sentence but when I get excited I don’t know how to type!  I’m just being real.)   Well, I actually don’t dance but I’m dancing in my head!   I found this awesome chair for only $6.00!!  Yes, you read that right!  I knew that this was a fun and inexpensive project for me to do.   I love projects but depending on what it is, it’s not always that cheap to redo something.  In this case, it would be fine.

Once I finally got to the fabric store, I found just the perfect pattern.  I knew this would look beautiful on this chair.  This is upholstery material which is what you want to use when recovering any chair.  I already had the nails and decorative tacks left over from a previous chair I did.   I also had some trim at home too from another project.   I was set to go!!


I should have taken way more pictures while I was doing this.  Lesson learned, I need to take pictures of every step so you can see more clearly how I did this.  Sorry, I will get better at this!!

I tore off the old fabric.   I used the old fabric as a templet to cut my new fabric out.  Again, sorry, I don’t have pictures of this part.   When working with a pattern, you want to make sure that you center it correctly.  I did get mine a little off but it’s not that noticeable.  It’s not off by that much.    I’m ok with it.  It’s all a learning experience.  The filling that was in the chair was actually in good condition.  I did not need to change that out.  Some people would want to anyway, but I’m using this chair for a decorative piece.   Nobody will be sitting on it.  If you are actually wanting to sit on a chair then I recommend changing the filling inside the chair.  All I did was lay the chair back and put the fabric on with the trim and hammer the decorative tacks on.  It’s that simple.  This is a no sew job!!   This is great for people who do not like to sew!!  Once I got the back all done, I cut the material for the seat part and basically did the same thing.  I worked with the material until it fit really nice and tight.  I used the small nails to hammer the fabric down to make it snug first.   I then cut the trim to size and hammered it in place with the decorative tacks!  It really is this simple!


Here is the finished product!  The chair was $6.00.   The fabric is $4.99.   I already had the rest of the things.   So, this project was pretty cheap for a beautiful piece!! It’s perfect to sit in the corner with a pillow!