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DIY Whitetail Deer Makeover!

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My parents have this deer sitting in their landscaping.  Over the years this poor thing has been damaged from the sun.   It some how got a hole in the tail.   This dear was a little expensive when they purchased it and we did not want to throw it away.  So, I decided to give it a makeover!  The white part on the tail is where I patched up the hole.  I forgot to take a before picture.  Where is my brain sometimes!!  Ha!


This sheetrock is what I love to use to fix holes.  I purchased this at my local Menards hardware store.  I’m sure you can find it at any local hardware store, especially the big box stores.   It was a little tricky to fill in this hole.  This deer is hollow so I had nothing for joint compound to lean against.   To make this work I had to stuff some paper in first until it was filled.  Then, I was able to put the joint compound over the hole and fill it in.   I had to let the first layer set for about 24 hours.   I then gently sanded it down.  I put another layer on top and let it dry for another 24 hours.  I sanded that down.  I filled in any other places that I thought didn’t seem filled in enough and where I accidentally sanded a little too hard.  Oopsy!!!  Once I got the tail to be smooth and look natural like it belonged there, I used the end of a screw driver and made lines to match the fir on the tail.   The great thing about this joint compound is that even though it hard, I’m still able to put grooves in it without damaging it.


I used “Apple Barrel” brand acrylic paint.  I purchase this at my local Walmart.  You can purchase at JoAnne Fabrics too.  I like the gloss look but you can get a matte look if you prefer that. This is Indoor/Outdoor paint.  Make sure it says that on the front of the bottle.  Some do not say that.   Here is an example of the paint.


Here is the finished look of the deer!  I am so thrilled how it turned out.  It looks brand new again!!  You can’t even tell that the tail was touched up. I did make one mistake though with the eyes.  I wasn’t thinking and gave the deer eyes like we have.  Ops!!   I had posted this after picture in a private group I am in and somebody mentioned that their eyes are all black.  I googled it and sure eough!  So, I did fix the eyes but I didn’t take a picture of it after that.  It’s at my parent’s house now.   But, I thought I would share these pictures anyways.  You can just excuse the eyes.  Life is about learning from experience and other people’s experiences, right?  See, now you know too if you didn’t before.

Once I let the paint dry for about 24 hours, I applied the clear acrylic sealer on it.  I gave it one coat and waited another 24 hours to give it another coat.  I love how this little deer turned out.  My parent’s were so happy that I saved this from going in the trash!!